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    Eastwood Diamond Clear Gloss 312grams Aerosol - EW16105z

    Aerosol formulation for the use on bare metal and painted surfaces. 
    ▶   Seals and protects surfaces
    ▶   90% gloss, polyurethane
    ▶   Its water-based formula resists fading, chipping, and cracking
    ▶   Compatible with all metals and coatings
    ▶   PAINTED SURFACES: Ideal to topcoat most cured painted surfaces - such as urethanes, metallics, lacquers and enamels
    ▶   Heat resistant up to 300℉

    Use over finished or polished surfaces to protect from corrosion and ultra-violet light

    The ideal top coat to protect and preserve bare metal and painted surfaces. Available in high gloss and satin finishes, your parts will have the look and durability you want. Withstands temperatures up to 300 degrees F. Compatible with all popular top coats.